PAYMENT: The Driver / Licensee is/are reserving the parking space on the property and must completely fill out the monthly parking agreement.  

All payments will be made in accordance with the use of credit cards, T-Checks, Checks or Cash and will be processed at least 3 days in advance of the renewal date. If the Driver has paid the full amount for the booking to www.hwy78truckparking.com  at the time the booking is made then no further payments are due until the payment is due again 3 days prior to the next term renewal date. The Licenser accepts that payment of the fees for the parking space licensing, and once the payment is made there will be no refunds, rebates or price reductions.  Prices will remain the same, however, when prices change, the price on the website will change, therefore all increases will happen and reflect in your payment each month. Prices are liable to change without prior notice. In order to begin your contract, driver must pay a full month’s rent if applicable.

INSURANCE, REGISTRATION, LICENSES, CREDIT CARD: Driver / Licensee’s liability insurance must be current and a copy of the insurance card or policy, driver’s license, credit card and the Credit Card form must accompany this parking licensing agreement.. The vehicle(s) to be parked in said parking space owned and operated by the Driver / licensee shall have current registration and insurance, as verified by LRVTP

HOLD HARMLESS: Driver/Licensee shall hold LRVTP harmless from any and all actions and liability and shall indemnify LRVTP against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, liabilities, including all attorneys’ fees, by Driver/Licensee, his employees, or invitees, arising from or connected with Driver/Licensee possession and use of the rental space and premises. All risks are included in the lessee is responsibility including but not limited to natural causes, acts of nature, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, accidental damage, motorist damage, wind, rain, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic, structural damage, tree damage, terrorism, or any other possible damage or loss. All losses are the sole responsibility of the Driver/Licensee. Driver / licensee assume all of the risks from parking on the property. All losses of any kind, theft Vandalism, damages, Acts of terrorism, Acts of Nature, Weather, Floods, or any loss is the sole responsibility of the Driver / licensee . Driver / licensee  is parking his vehicle on the property listed above at his own risk. Driver / licensee  shall indemnify, and hold harmless LRVTP  (Licenser),  its officers, officials, affiliates, employees and volunteers from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, or liabilities for injury or death of any person, or for loss or damage to property, which arises out of Driver / licensee’s use of  Premises, or from the conduct of Driver / licensee ’s business, actions, vehicles, or from any activity, work or thing done, permitted, or suffered by any of the Driver / licensee ‘s actions.   

MAINTENANCE ON PROPERTY: No repairs of any kind are allowed on any of our property. NO EXCEPTIONS. No tire repairs, replacements, no minor repairs such as oil changes, minor or major repairs at any time are permitted. Any person or maintenance company doing work on a vehicle on our property will be asked to leave immediately with all of your vehicles

DAMAGES: The driver/licensee is responsible for any damage done to the licenser’s building, property, fencing, gates, or concrete pavement. Driver/lessee must use caution when driving and parking and must use parking brakes when parked.

GATE RULES: All gates must be locked every time and at all times when driver/lessee enters and exits the gates. Driver / Licensee may not leave gate open for others. LOCK GATE EACH TIME YOU COME IN AND LEAVE! NO exceptions.

LOT RULES: Overnight sleeping is prohibited on the premises. All trash is to be put in the trash bins. There is a public restroom on the property. Any individual who chooses not to utilize the restroom where it is appropriate will be immediately asked to leave and no refund will be given.

LATE CHARGES: A late charge of $15.00 will be added to any monthly rental when payment that is more than (3) days past due. Then, after (10) Days past due, a $25.00 charge will be added, and after (14) days, the vehicle will be deemed in default and then the vehicle may be impounded and  a $50.00 a day storage fee will accumulate. PLEASE SEE THE ABANDONED VEHICLE SECTION BELOW. Notwithstanding, such late charges, failure to pay and such monthly payment on or before the due date shall be deemed a default of Lessee under terms of this agreement.

ABANDONED VEHICLES: Once the vehicle is left on the property and the parking is unpaid for 14 days, the vehicle will be deemed abandoned and the vehicle will be towed & impounded. Court orders will be applied for  in order to gain ownership of the abandoned vehicles. Once this procedure starts, the costs of said action will be the sole responsibility of the driver / licensee. Once the Court Order papers are signed and finalized by the Judge, the vehicle will no longer be the property of the Licensee.

PERSONAL VEHICLE PARKING: All personal vehicle must be parked in the designated area on the property only. Licensee accepts full liability and responsibility for the personal vehicle that is parked on the premises..

NON-PAYMENT DEFAULT:  Once the parked vehicle is in Default Status for Non-Payment, the vehicle will be towed from its existing parking space and location, to another lot and held in impound while the court orders are being filed. Please refer to item above Abandoned Vehicles for additional description of exactly what happens when a vehicle is left unpaid. We reserve the right to move any vehicle to another lot due to non-payment. 

LOCKING THE GATE:   All persons using our facility  MUST LOCK THE GATES every time you enter and every time you exit from the gates. Any person that leaves the gates open at any time will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will occur. So, even if there is someone inside our gate, you must lock them in. All persons inside the gate can let themselves out if the gate is locked behind them. PROTECT YOUR TRUCK AND YOUR POSSESSIONS ALWAYS BY LOCKING THE GATE…EVERYTIME! 

VEHICLE PHOTOS: A photo of your your truck/trailer or stored vehicle must be in our files. If you were unable to upload it on the registration form during checkout, please email the photos to hwy78truckparking@icloud.com

NOTICE OF HOW TO BETTER PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY:  We are not responsible for watching your equipment, vehicle or personal property. We provide a parking space with fencing and lights. You are parking at your own risk as there is no security watching your vehicle. You must have your own insurance as we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your vehicle. It is up to you to protect and secure your vehicle and belongings. You can protect your vehicle(s) and property using a kingpin device to secure your trailer. Also, wheel locks, steering wheel locks are also suggested where applicable in securing your vehicle or possessions. We also strongly suggest that you always have a GPS tracking or locating device installed on your vehicle or trailer at all times while storing or parking your vehicle or trailer.